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Aechmea 'JC Superstar'

'Aechmea JC Superstar' is an Aechmea Hybrid from Hawaii that was introduced by master Hybridizer M. Yamamoto, A cross of ramosa x chantinii that makes for an absolute striking Bromeliad that stands out in a grouping like few others. As the name suggests, this is a "Superstar" in the family of Aechmea Hybrids. Receiving the best traits of each parent, this Hybrid has the basic shape and frosted banding of a chantinii and the red color and longer leaf of a ramosa. This is a very sturdy plant that can attain sizes of up to 30"- 36" tall and 30"- 36" across.

10" to 12" plant in 6" pot shipped without soil and roots trimmed.