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Neoregelia ‘Blood Plum’


Neoregelia 'Blood Plum' is a cross of (carolinae x concentrica) x olens. Introduced by Chester Skotak, 'Blood Plum' is a medium sized variegated neoregelia with dark burgundy & pink coloring with dramatic red spotting and barring. As it's name implies, this hybrid can attain deep dark colors and an overall blush reminiscent of the fruit it was named after. Grows to an average size of  12″ – 14″ across but with an application of time-release fertilizer, it can grow as large as 20″ across.

Buyer receives plant from 6″ pot.

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Buyer receives plant from 6″ pot.

All plants shipped bare roots unless otherwise noted.

This Hybrid was introduced by Chester Skotak. Chester Skotak is a world-renowned Bromeliad expert living and  breeding plants in Costa Rica. His name is synonymous with innovative Bromeliad hybridization and exceptionally beautiful introductions to the hobby. He was the first to produce variegated Neoregelia hybrids from seed. This prolific hybridizer holds many Bromeliad patents and his unusual hybrids are some of the most sought after in horticulture.

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