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Neoregelia 'Cane Fire' cv albo-marginated

Neoregelia 'Cane Fire' cv albo-marginated is a cross of (carolinae x concentrica) x 'Barbarian' Introduced by Shane Zaghini, 'Cane Fire' is a Neoregelia Hybrid from Australia that is very sought after by collectors. It prefers filtered light for best shape and color and can grow to quite a large size especially when time-release fertilizer is added to the potting mix. It is available in two versions or Cultivars, a Variegated clone and a Albo-Marginated clone. The Variegated version offered here has very broad white leaf centers covered in tiny red spots. The red spots grow more numerous with age until the plant produces its Inflorescence deep in the center of the plant. The plant can grow quite large averaging 18" to 22" at maturity.


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