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Neoregelia carcharodon 'Giant'

Neoregelia carcharodon 'Giant' is a magnificent carcharodon cultivar that was introduced by Chester Skotak. It is named for its tendency to become very large and dominating in its presence. When acclimatized to a somewhat sunny environment, it can take on a beautiful red-orange hue over a yellow leaf reminiscent of 'Rainbow. What makes it even more interesting is it has strong horizontal banding similar to 'Skotak's Tiger', especially on the underside of the leaf surface. Very 'Goth' style black 'fingernails' make this Cultivar somewhat unique. Found at the base of rocks above a rubbish dump in Santa Maria Magdalena, RJ, Brazil (along with carcharodon 'Rainbow' Giant, Leopard, and 'Silver', this specimen can become a "GIANT NEOREGELIA" attaining mature sizes of up to 24" to 28" across.

Picture is of Sun Grown Specimen