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Neoregelia 'Takemura Princeps'

Neoregelia 'Takemura Princeps' is a older yet very impressive Hybrid that is reasonably priced and very colorful when grown in strong filtered light. One of the legendary 'Takemura's" from the 1978 article that James Elmore wrote on the 'Fabled Takemuras' in volume #1, issue #1 of Grande Magazine. Although the origin and history of the cross is still debated, the story is that it was in the early 1960's when apparently, seed of a concentrica Hybrid was sent to Takemura in Japan from Richter in Germany. Takemura in turn shared seed or seedlings with Ralph Davis in Florida.

Believed to be a cross of Neoregelia 'Grande' x princeps', it has deep blood-red splashes of color with an overall reddish-purple glow. A medium to large sized Neo. that tops out between 14" - 18" across.