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Ananas cosomus Gourmet Pineapple 'Elite Gold'

Ananas cosomus Gourmet Pineapple 'Elite Gold' is a specialty variety of that tasty edible fruit that is extra sweet and with deep rich golden flesh. For those who wish to try growing pineapples at home, this is the perfect variety. Softer, sweeter and juicier than store bought pineapples, this dandy is easy to grow and fruit if you use a few simple guidelines. First, grow outside in a large pot when warm (full sun is preferred). Move indoors to a south facing window if the weather turns cold. Feed once a month with a fertilizer such as Miracle Grow and watch this Brom first grow lush, then bloom an fruit. When fruit turns gold, it is ready for harvest. Guaranteed to be a centerpiece of conversation at your household. Plant will continue to provide new pups for addittional pineapples for years to come!