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Vriesea 'Sherlette Shiigi'

Vriesea 'Sherlette Shiigi' is a cross of fosteriana 'Red Chestnut' x 'Hawaiian Sunset'. The cross was made by David Shiigi and named after his wife Sherlette. Another one of the magnificent Vriesea hybrids from Hawaii, This beauty has all the blended hyroglyphic  leaf markings of the platynema and fosteriana lineage. Add to that, the beautiful pink to bronze blush and you have a real prize in this special hybrid. A medium to large grower averaging 20" -24" at maturity. When given a good dose of time release fertilizer at the root base and a larger than average pot size, this one can achieve even greater size. Prefers a good strong filtered light source for best color but can thrive in a somewhat shady location as well. Do not over water your Vrieseas for best results.

Immature specimen shown in 6" pot.